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Staking Pools

Staking pools are an energy efficient way to earn crypto currency. When you join these pools you are joining in with large groups of investors who are also staking the coin with you. When rewards are passed out, you receive a share of the rewards based on the size of your stake in the claim. This is one of the best ways to get into crypto without having to purchase loud and expensive equipment!

Stake Cube (5.00 / 5.00)
StakeCube was created in June 2018 and currently supports over 22,000 users and 40 different assets. Their service consists of a traditional staking pool, masternode service as well an exchange. Their exchange allows you to quickly and easily purchase coins for staking, so instead of having to make multiple deposits, you can make a single bitcoin deposit and purchase the coins you want to stake directly from their exchange.

Simple POS Pool (4.75 / 5.00)
Simple POS Pool is a fully automated Proof of Stake and Masternode sharing pool. Deposits and withdrawals from the service can be made virtually on the fly so you do not have to be concerned about your coins or tokens being locked into a node. Their website features a simple and intuitive design that will have you moving around your dashboard and staking tokens quickly, easily and all in one place.

Staking Lab (4.75 / 5.00)
StakingLab supports staking over 60 different coins including it's own StakingLab coin. Their site offers an intuitive dashboard which provides you with all the functions you would expect from a staking pool. Master nodes as well as Instant nodes are available for staking. New coins are added to the pool through suggestion and a community driven voting system.

Staking Wallet (4.75 / 5.00)
StakingWallet takes the work out of staking. At StakingWallet you can purchase Bitcoin directly through their website or make a deposit with Bitcoin you already own. From there, you can select what coins you want to stake and they make the initial purchase for you and have you staking in 12-24 hours. Their dashboard displays a number of masternodes you can stake as well and the Annual ROI you will receive on your deposits.

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