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Staking Wallet

StakingWallet takes the work out of staking. At StakingWallet you can purchase Bitcoin directly through their website or make a deposit with Bitcoin you already own. From there, you can select what coins you want to stake and they make the initial purchase for you and have you staking in 12-24 hours. Their dashboard displays a number of masternodes you can stake as well and the Annual ROI you will receive on your deposits.

Rating: (4.75 / 5.00)

Stake-able Coins:
Dash Green, Deviant Coin, Bitcoin Green, Monkey Project, Solaris, Market Arbitrage Coin, Staking Lab, Paws Coin, Alqo Coin, Scriv, SnodeCoin, Know Your Developer, Light Pay Coin, Peony, DogeCash, 1x2 Coin, E-Sport Betting, CoinMegaTrend

Url: https://stakingwallet.com/

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