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Staking Lab

StakingLab supports staking over 60 different coins including it's own StakingLab coin. Their site offers an intuitive dashboard which provides you with all the functions you would expect from a staking pool. Master nodes as well as Instant nodes are available for staking. New coins are added to the pool through suggestion and a community driven voting system.

Rating: (4.75 / 5.00)

Stake-able Coins:
1x2, Alioth, Alqo, Birake, Bitcoin Green, Blocknode, Bulwark, Cato, Ciredo, Coin Mega Trent, ColossusXT, Condensation Rain, DachCoin, DarkPayCo, DashGreen, Deviant Core, DMme, DogeCash, Energi, ESBC, Evos, Force, GHR, CINCoin, Gold Poker, HotShot Coin, Ichiba, Ignition Coin, Impleum, Ionomy, KnowYourDeveloper, LightPayCoin, Logis, LRM Coin, Luxcore, Market Arbitrage Coin, Merebel, MNPCoin, Monkey Project, Oduwa, Olympic, OPC, Paws, Paycore, Peony, Phore, PIVX, Project Coin, PWR Coin, Qubnet, Rapids Coin, SafeInsure, SCRIV, Sinovate Coin, SkyHub, Snode, Solaris, Spider VPS, Stakinglab, TrunkCoin, ZCoin, ZCore

Url: https://stakinglab.io/

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