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Mining Pools

Mining pools allow you to use mining hardware in a group for increased rewards. Typically, when a block is found, the reward is split evenly between the miners. In some cases an additional reward is given to the block finder. Some coins may be too difficult to mine solo, if this is the case you have to mine in a pool for any chance of seeing rewards for your efforts.

Mining-Dutch (4.50 / 5.00)
Mining pool based in the Netherlands. Comprehensive dashboard that is easy to navigate. Offers a large variety of coins to many with many different algorithms. After you are logged in here you can get a good view of your workers, wallets and total earnings.

AEON Mining Pool (3.50 / 5.00)
AEON Mining pool was established in August 2017 and is a pool that is dedicated to mining the AEON coin.

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